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JP-S53111436-A: Method of manufacturing electrode plate for lead storage battery patent, JP-S53111812-A: Feeding pitch adjusting device for japanese typewriter patent, JP-S53111848-A: Stitching device patent, JP-S53112235-A: Method of coloring stainless steel patent, JP-S53112392-A: Leakage controller for coolant in fuel assembly patent, JP-S53113384-A: Device for cutting rear end of distributed takinggup sheet patent, JP-S5311354-A: Mixing device patent, JP-S53115867-A: Cooking machine patent, JP-S53116304-A: Preparation of halogenated hydrocarbons patent, JP-S53116391-A: Novel imidazoleisocyanuric adduct synthesizing method thereof polyepoxy hardening method containing same as main component polyepoxy hardening method using same as hardening improver and method of pur patent, JP-S53116739-A: Paper tape reader patent, JP-S53117121-A: Heating controllable exhaust filter of internal combustion engine patent, JP-S53118125-A: Focal point adjusting device patent, JP-S53119160-A: Helmet for drying hair patent, JP-S5311986-A: Modification of polyolefin patent, JP-S53121265-A: Crusher for glomerate masses of used casting sand patent, JP-S5312132-A: Blade shield excavator patent, JP-S53121993-A: Mocrobial prparation of rennet patent, JP-S53124202-A: Continuous preparation of methallyl chloride patent, JP-S53124841-A: Bicycle suspending apparatsu patent, JP-S53126153-A: Color code painting device for electronic parts patent, JP-S5312685-A: Sampling method for combustion exhaust gas patent, JP-S53126911-A: Level display device patent, JP-S53127490-A: Novel nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound patent, JP-S53128790-A: Sheath connecting method for conduit air transmission line patent, JP-S53129135-A: Methof of welding materials* which thermal capacity differ patent, JP-S53129729-A: Residual gas controls for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5312980-A: Preparation of polymer emulsions patent, JP-S5313077-A: High-speed turning system patent, JP-S53132119-A: Hardener for water glass patent, JP-S53133043-A: Electro-stencil master paper patent, JP-S53133072-A: Speed limit violation supervising device patent, JP-S5313380-A: Manufacture of light emission diode patent, JP-S53133977-A: Pressspacking apparatus for wet wastes patent, JP-S53134612-A: Riding type rice planter patent, JP-S53135105-A: Variableespeed excavator for vehicle patent, JP-S53137204-A: Device for refluxing vapour patent, JP-S53137783-A: Container patent, JP-S53138818-A: Threeerows rice planter patent, JP-S53139104-A: Stator core for rotary machine patent, JP-S53139132-A: Zinc alkali battery patent, JP-S53139851-A: Method of manufacture of fusionncohering crimped yarn patent, JP-S53140671-A: Filtering method and device patent, JP-S53141468-A: Multilayer printed board patent, JP-S53141919-A: Pressure sprayer patent, JP-S53142477-A: Method for making mineral fiber board patent, JP-S53143323-A: Photosensitive sheet for color diffusion transfer patent, JP-S53143650-A: Reinforced polyethylene terephthalate composition patent, JP-S53143772-A: Flocking method patent, JP-S53145973-A: Taking down apparatus for vaver deposited screen patent, JP-S53146582-A: Xxray picture synthesizer patent, JP-S53148993-A: Semiconductor photoelectric conversion element patent, JP-S5315793-A: Photo detector patent, JP-S5315984-A: Refrigerated lunch provided with ventilating hole for cold air and hot air at its center patent, JP-S5317015-A: Production of electromagnetic deflecting yoke patent, JP-S5317211-A: Device for eliminating intermodulation disturbance of superheterodyne receiver patent, JP-S5317961-A: Capacitor dielectric having internal bloking layer and method of manufacturing said derivative patent, JP-S531903-A: Steel sheettpile retracting and drawing apparatus patent, JP-S5319320-A: Method of producing such as artificial stone and wood patent, JP-S5320140-A: Induction heating method patent, JP-S5320685-A: Detector for device for identifying automobile driver*s physically abnormal state patent, JP-S5321532-A: Card discharging equipment patent, JP-S5321745-A: Device for producing impregnating material patent, JP-S5322627-A: Pressure regulator patent, JP-S5323226-A: Pickup tube patent, JP-S5323940-A: Process for preparing orthooalkoxy phenol patent, JP-S5324521-A: Control devic e of governor used for engine patent, JP-S5324724-A: Color television receiver patent, JP-S5325000-A: Parts for u enriching equipment patent, JP-S5325040-A: Concrete upset work execution method of tunnel* pipeeline* etc* and its execution flask patent, JP-S5325115-A: Continuous automatic handwriting selector patent, JP-S5325497-A: Adjusting method for gas chromatography patent, JP-S5327695-A: Heat-resistant resin patent, JP-S5327990-A: Outboard motor bracket assembly patent, JP-S5328301-A: Tuner patent, JP-S5328416-A: Preparation method of thermode velopable photosensitive material composition patent, JP-S5328674-A: Method of manufacture of roller having surface covering layer patent, JP-S5329341-A: Device for applying self-adhesive sheet patent, JP-S5330011-A: Electromagneticallyyreciprocating fluid machines patent, JP-S5330349-A: Preparation of rod-shaped mother material for optical transmission fiber patent, JP-S5331430-A: Urethane bat for baseball patent, JP-S5331532-A: Method of treating wireeblasttflame sprayed layer on aluminum alloy substrate patent, JP-S5331643-A: Dinitroanilinesulfenamide derivative and process for manufacture and use thereof patent, JP-S5331708-A: Fragrance detergent for flush toilet patent, JP-S5331787-A: Polymerization of propylene using pre-activated catalyst patent, JP-S5332038-A: Electrophotographic developing method patent, JP-S5334048-A: Spacer expander with slip latch for piston oil adjusting ring patent, JP-S5334243-A: Device for diagnosing malfunction of elevator control unit patent, JP-S5336514-A: Injecting agent for ceramic fiber nobd injection patent, JP-S5336803-A: Pneumatic tire wheel patent, JP-S5337146-A: Apparatus for wiping off excessively plated metal applied to belttlike metal member by continuous molten metal plating method patent, JP-S533737-A: Bar code body patent, JP-S5337574-A: Removing method for hydrogen sulfide, sulfurous acid gas, etc. contained in exhaust gas patent, JP-S5338315-A: Manufacture of magnetic head patent, JP-S5338514-A: Reaper patent, JP-S5338610-A: Hydrous gel explosive composition patent, JP-S5338984-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S5339746-A: Method of copying silver film on diazo copy film using ammonia gas patent, JP-S5340122-A: Insertion and fixing of pipe patent, JP-S5342125-A: Method to cast combined metal mould patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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